Muhammad Ammar Ashfaq

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About Me

Hi there, As you all know my name is Muhammad Ammar Ashfaq. I born in Multan, a city famous for its Sweets and also known as a City of Saints. I belong to a Baloch Family and I am a proud Muslim. 

I found my interest in blogging when I was too young, as far as I can remember I was just 13 years old. I stopped it at some intervals and again re-joined it after my examinations every year.

In these years I learned a lot about blogging. It gave me confidence about how to write online and also made me earn some pocket money. I am right now thinking to convert this passion into my full-time job. Let us see what the future brings for me… 



Created First Website



I am working as a Freelancer on several platforms as well as I have few direct clients.

2017 - Present


Blogging always gives me peace of mind. It is because this is my passion. I am doing it since 2017 and will keep doing it.


- 2017


2018 - 2019

Higher Secondary Education


“Skills are Priceless” – Ammar Ashfaq

WordpRess 90%
SEO 95%
Photoshop 60%
Article Writing 95%
Html & CSS 85%