Who is "Ammar Ashfaq"?

I’m a full time Blogger from Pakistan. I also work as a Freelance WordPress Developer, Search Engine Optimization Expert and a Writer. I am currently doing BS in Computer Science. I love to spend my extra time watching movies on Netflix.

I started blogging in 2015. I took me many years to understand this complex field and I finally realized that it is my passion that is forcing me to do blogging. If you want to know more about me then you can connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

What I can do.

Rank on Google!

My Experience in Search Engine Optimization enables me to rank keywords of my clients. I am also experienced in designing SEO ready website which is a key factor in on-page SEO.

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Develop & design any idea.

WordPress has opened a new world of opportunities for many developers like me. Thanks to WP, now I can convert any idea in my mind to a fully functional working website and all in the matter of few days. You can avail my services in WordPress if you are facing any issue.

I can write any thing.

Blogging made it possible for me to express my experiences on my Blog. I am also providing this service as a freelance copywriter. My experience in Search Engine Optimization is a plus point that helps me in writing Search Engine Optimized articles for my clients.

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I can Help!

If you have any project related to my experience and skills or just want to say Hi, then you can contact me below.

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